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    CPhI India (2016)Build Pharmaceutical Solutions togeter

    Time:2016-11-16 12:19 Writer:admin Click:
    Shanghai Chiral Chemicals, along with the global pharmaceutical industry counterparts will take part in the CPhI grand event in India during Nov 21-23th,2016.
    We will discuss the hot topics in innovative manufacturing, R&D and preparation technology so as to share the views to promote the future development together.
    Having 10 years industry experience, Shanghai Chiral Chemicals has business in API Intermediates, Custom Synthesis, Contract Manufacturing and Speciality Chemicals.
    During the exhibition, we will present the main products of API Intermediates,Protected Amino Acids,Amino Alcohols, Oxazolidinones,etc.
    re development together.
    Profit from team expertise and industry insights, our R&D center has achieved the breakthrough
    outcomes in manufacturing high-purity chiral compounds, Catalytic reactions by many kinds of enzymes, Asymmetric synthesis and transformation, and Chiral separation,etc.
    In addition, we optimize the cost control and management capability so that the overall operation has been enhanced.

    We cordially invite you to visit our booth at NO.CB2, Hall BKC.

    For making initial appointment,pls email us: